Jan 30 2006
FCCU GNU/Linux boot CD 10.0 released
This one is based on knoppix 4.0
What's new ?

FCCU GNU/Linux boot CD 9.0 released
This one is based on knoppix 3.9
What's new ?

New software released : fccu-docprop
A command line tool to read MS documents properties

FCCU GNU/Linux Forensic Boot CD

This CD is based on  KNOPPIX by Klauss Knopper.
It is a remaster that I made to use at my work as a computer forensic investigator.
Its main purpose is to create images copies of devices before analyse.
It does not use a lot of cpu cycles for unnecessary programs, that is why it drops you to a shell right after the boot.
It recognizes lots of hardware (Thanks to Klauss Knopper).
It leaves the target devices unaltered (It does not use the swap partitions found on the devices).
It contains a lot of tools with forensic purpose.


fccu-linux-cd-6.1(519 MiB) md5 sha1 
fccu-linux-cd-7.0(530 MiB) md5 sha1 
fccu-linux-cd-7.1(525 MiB) md5 sha1 
fccu-linux-cd-7.2(538 MiB) md5 sha1 
fccu-linux-cd-8.0(563 MiB) md5 sha1 
fccu-linux-cd-8.1(537 MiB) md5 sha1 
fccu-linux-cd-9.0(615 MiB) md5 sha1 

Important comments

Version 8.0 : You have to specify the dma acceleration at boot time (fccu dma) to turn it on

Please, refer to each individual package to obtain information about packages on the CD
More documentation will come soon
Each script made by the FCCU begins with the prefix "fccu" so it's easy to find them with the bash autocompletion

FCCU evtreader.pl

This is a Perl script which parse an MS Windows evt log file and retrieve usefull informations.
It is a command line tool. Try the -h option to have more help.
The script is released under the General Public License
There is a few options. Feel free to improve it or ask for features.
If you find bugs, send me a report and, if possible, the bad event log file.
This script should not write anything on the disk but be carefull and try to work on read-only file systems
It's intended to run under GNU/Linux but it should work on other platforms too (untested).
The script will be integrated on future releases of the boot CD. Until that time, you can have it on a floppy or usb key and it should run with the CD anyway.
fccu.evtreader.1.0.tar.gz (9KiB) md5 sha1 
fccu.evtreader.1.1.tar.gz (9KiB) md5 sha1 

More scripts are about to come

FCCU docprop

This is a program that tries to print the properties of OLE files.
OLE Files are mainly MS Office doc files and MS Office xls files.
This software needs the libgsf library. Verify that you have it installed on your system before trying to install fccu-docprop
The software is released under the General Public License
fccu-docprop-0.1.tar.gz (10KiB) md5 sha1 

Christophe Monniez